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Barnham Parish Council

Minutes July2010

M/10/06 - page 1 of 3


Present: David Phillips – DP (Chair) Janet Dalgleish - JD (Vice-chair)
Sue Braid - SB Steve Oates - SO Gerry Reeves – GR Scott Pharo –SP
John Garner – JG Bethan Phillips – BP
Eddie Tarbard, Parish Clerk

In Attendance: Arun District Cllr Dougal Maconachie
Eastergate Parish - Cllr Philippa Hiind
Two members of the Public

1. Apologies for absence:
Jean Goad, Derek Whittington
Bethan Phillips - family commitment.

2. Declarations of Interest: none

3. VisitingCounty, District and Parish Councillor and Police inputs: None

4. Minutes of previous meetings:
The minutes of the annual Parish Council meeting held on Monday 7th June 2010were approved by
all & signed off by DP.

5. Matters arising from the minutes:
Owing to illness, the clerk had not yet written to the Environment Agency in support of a moratorium
on residential development in Barnham village until Southern Water improves capacity of the local
sewerage system, which is inadequate for current needs & unable to accommodate further demand.
Carried forward.

6. Planning:
6.1 Planning applications to consider:
6.1.1 BN/12/10 : Nanny’s Copse. Change of use of agricultural land to equestrian & grazing
for animals, plus storage containers for riding equipment..Council objected, as current agricultural use permitted maximum 28 days for “rural pursuits” which was deemed the maximum that the site could support and the many adjoining properties should be expected to put up with. It was also feared that a change of use would effectively prevent ADCas planning enforcement authority from any effective control of excessive/anti-social activities in this field; and also that the change of use/ retrospective permission for various containers and caravans would lead to a progressive upgrading and eventual building of permanent structures on the site,. The Council resolved to object strongly to this application.
6.1.2 BN/14/10 : Watermead. Yapton Road. Side & rear double storey extension. No objection.
6.1.3 NHS Primary Care Trust application for a pharmacy at the Croft Practice, Eastergate. The council
objected to this application.

6.2 Planning decisions approved conditionally:
6.2.1 BN/11/10 : 9 MarshallClose : rear conservatory. Council had not objected.

6.3. Planning breaches and enforcement: .
6.3.1 Laurell’s, Yapton Road. ADCstill investigating. To be reviewed at next meeting.

6.4 Planning appeals:
BN/27/09 WSCCoutline planning application for housing on the site of Angel’s & Hyde End
Nurseries. WSCCwill appeal against the refusal of this application, the council has been informed by
WSCC’s consultant Paul Collins. Council decided to investigate further whether to continue its support for
the application, or to change its stance on the application to a neutral position or active opposition. Key
factors to be considered are:
1. Drainage – Environmental Agency stance on developments in Barnham; WSCCproposals.
It was decided to approach Richard Hammond of the EA to see if someone from the organisation could brief the PC. - DP
2. Benefits to the existing community – Council felt that WSCCwere not offering any significant benefits to existing residents other than Section 106 contributions, a disappointing position given the long-standing discussions with County on e.g. a community allotment scheme, and the PC’s suggestion for a traffic-calming layout on the Yapton Road. Council felt that WSCCshould have an opportunity to consider its position regarding these points, and instructed the chairman to write to Paul Collins copying Councillor Whittington reserving the Parish Council’s position pending further discussions. The Clerk also to write to Graham Glenn as agreed in previous meeting requesting a joint meeting (Eastergate & Barnham Parishes, with DW) to discuss drainage issues on Angel’s Nursery, community allotment scheme and the proposed development.
6.5 Stuart Lyons Haulage application re. Old Lake Lane Nurseries
The Parish Council had circulated a flier to residents of Lake Lane and Park Road re. this proposal.
The Council had also objected to the Traffic Commissioner. It was noted that the Traffic Commissioner
did not take into account the decrepit state of the road, or its inadequacy for HGV traffic.
It was also noted that this is effectively a single-track road for HGVs in places.
The Council felt this was an unsatisfactory way to deal with a significant change of use at this nursery
site, a potential major nuisance to the surrounding residents and a massive increase in HGV traffic down
probably one of the worst roads in West Sussex.
6.6 Clerk to check with ADCon whether Lillies caravan park had 52 weeks occupancy permission as the
owner maintained, or a lower figure as the council had been led to believe during the last planning
application for mobile homes on this site.

7. Review of outstanding and ongoing items:
7.1 Co-operation with Eastergate PC. A meeting with Eastergte Parish Council had taken
There were several topics requiring a co-ordinated approach by the two parishes, e.g. 20 mph
speed limit, parking, a proposed allotment meeting with Graham Glenn and a possible embargo on
housebuilding owing to the inadequate sewage system.This meeting will be minuted separately and
circulated to the two councils for discussion and action.
7.2 Health & Safety: quarterly inspection & fire service inspection –in hand, report at next meeting..
7.3 Traffic calming & proposed 20 mph speed limit. BPCand EPCwill respond to Martin Downey’s very
disappointing e-mail, to keep WSCCfocussed on this issue and to secure some improvement on
the present unsatisfactory situation.
7.4 Parish hall maintenance – nothing to report. H &S inspection overdue - DP
7.5 Anti-social behaviour – nothing to report.
7.6 Newsletter. SO was editing input from several contributors.. Format was being improved, but other
work commitments were delaying completion. Input outstanding from several contributors.
Philippa Hind to obtain agreement of Eastergate PC for distribution of the newsletter to the whole
7.7 Village Emergency Team – nothing to report, awaiting WSCCfeedback on salt supplies for snow.
7.8 Notice-board. DP had obtained perspex panels & was installing these..
7.9 Update to council standing orders. Deferred to next meeting due to ill health.

8, New Parish Hall Development Team (NPHDT).
The implementation of the play area, picnic area and trim trail on Murrell’s Field was about to begin.
Completion by the end of October. Both BLADE and the Parish Council were contributing as Match
Funding significant sums – the completion of the project to budget, to spec and on time was
regarded as vital for further success in securing grant funding.

The Development team was putting together options and proposals for funding the main Hall, and
would be presenting the options and their implications to the PC in the near future. Key to the
discussion would be the revised Business Plan, under review by JG and Terry Bedford.
There will be a major Launch Event for the TrimTrail/Play area etc. either in October (NB poor
weather) or possibly in the Spring 2011 if the Open Spaces grant officers could be persuaded.

It was confirmed that litter bins were included in the scheme.

Events scheduled including Music Night in August. BLADE website has details.
Cllr. Scott Pharo SP was nominated to fill the vacant position on the BLADE committee. Terry
Bedford to be advised for correspondence etc. - DP

10. Correspondence.
No contact from St Philip Howard, due to exams/end of term it was believed.
Information (e-mailed to councillors) from Felpham PC re cross-parish working party
on improving how Arun DC deals with planning objections.

11.1 Finance - The list of June 2010 bills due was approved unanimously for payment .
11.2 The Clerk was seeking costs for a litter bin for the Field ,( but see 8 above.) to allow the public to help
keep the Field clean.
It was agreed that a low-cost bin should be ordered by the Clerk in consultation with Rob Sparrow, and
pro-tem this would be emptied by volunteers. SP said he would do this, DP also offered to stand in if
11.3 Parish hall hiring revenue in June 2010 presented to Council. Figures not available at date of publication.
11.4 New bank account signatories – in hand - SB and SO to be appointed signatories.

12. Matters to bring forward to next meeting: none

13. Date of next parish council meeting.
Monday 6th September 2010 at 7:30 p.m. in Barnham Parish Hall.

N.B. Council does not meet in August. However, at least one brief public meeting will be
necessary before 6th September to sign off internally audited accounts for 2009-210,
& possibly to review a planning application. Clerk will arrange these meetings, which
will not take more than one hour, and notify councillors of the details.

The meeting closed at 9.53 p.m.


David Phillips, Chairman



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