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Barnham Parish Council

Minutes 7thJune

M/10/06 - page 1 of 3



David Phillips DP (Chair) Janet Dalgleish- JD (Vice-chair)

Sue Braid - SB

Steve Oates - SO Gerry Reeves GR Eddie Tarbard, Parish Clerk

In Attendance

: Arun District Cllrs Jean Goad & Dougal Maconachie

WSCCllr Derek Whittington Eastergate Parish Cllr Philippa Hiind

Bethan Phillips

1. Apologies for absence


John Garner

2. Declarations of Interest:


3. Co-option of a new parish councillor:

At the May annual meeting, it had been agreed to invite Bethan Phillips to join the Parish Council at

the next meeting, Bethan was formally invited to join the Council. She signed a Declaration of

Acceptance of Office & took her place on the Council as a co-opted member, with immediate effect.

4 VisitingCounty, District and Parish Councillor and Police inputs



D. Whittington asked for a correction in minutes of the 10th May annual meeting. He had not

undertaken to arrange a meeting with Graham Glenn at WSCCregarding allotments, but suggested

that council approach Graham, and volunteered his help and participation in the meeting.


D. Whittington informed Council of a proposed big increase in the number of HGV vehicles at Stuart

Lyons(Haulage) Limited of Old Lake Lane Nurseries, in the Walberton Parish end of Lake Lane,

He requested council to object to the Traffic Commissioner about the proposed increase in traffic,

and keep Walberton Parish Council informed too. Council agreed to this request


D.Maconachie told council about three new scrutiny committees set up by ArunDC. Details were

available on Arun’s website.


J. Goad was seeking any information council could provide about the special development control

areas that formerly operated in Barnham under ArunDC’s previous Local Plan to prevent new building

in part of the village where there was high risk of flooding.


Phlippa Hind confirmed that at its annual meeting on 27th May 2010, John Donabie was elected chairman,

and Liz Folman elected vice-chairman of Eastergate Parish Council.

5. Minutes of previous meetings:

After two minor corrections were applied, minutes of the annual Parish Council meeting held on

Monday 10th May 2010were approved by all & signed off by DP.

6. Matters arising from the minutes:

Owing to illness, .the clerk had not yet written to the Environment Agency in support of a moratorium

on residential development in Barnham village until Southern Water improves capacity of the local

sewerage system, which is inadequate for current needs & unable to accommodate further demand.

7. Planning:

7.1 Planning applications to consider:


BN/11/10 construction of a conservatory at the rear of 9 MarshallClose. Council had no objection.


BN/13/10 construction of a detached double garage at Bridge House, Yapton Road. No objection.


Planning decisions received:

BN/07/10 detached garage at Brook Cottage, Lake Lanehad been approved conditionally by Arun.

Council had not objected to this application.

7.3 Planning breaches and enforcement


.Clerk had received no response to his letter to Arun DC Compliance about an alleged unauthorised

car transporter business at Laurell’s in Yapton Road, and would chase up Daniel Vick.

M/10/06 - page 2 of 3

8. Review of outstanding and ongoing items:


Co-operation with Eastergate PC. The clerk had postponed re-scheduling the joint parish meeting

until after Esastergate’s annual meeting on 27th May, but would now liaise with Garry Sleet to agree

a date and venue before the end of June. There were several topics requiring a co-ordinated

approach by the two parishes, e.g. 20 mph speed limit, parking, a proposed allotment meeting with

Graham Glenn and a possible embargo on housebuilding owing to the inadequate sewage system.


Health & Safety: quarterly inspection & fire service inspection - no progress, defer to next meeting.


Allotments. Clerk would try to arrange another meeting with Graham Glenn, if possible involving

Eastergate councillors.


Traffic calming & proposed 20 mph speed limit. Martin Downy had at last responded to the clerk’s

enquiry. Councillors had seen Martin’s very disappointing e-mail, which suggests that the project

may not yet take place. It was agreed that this would be reviewed at the joint parish meeting.

8.5 Parish hall maintenance


Anti-social behaviour

8.7 Newsletter. SO was editing input from several contributors, some of whom had not yet responded.

This was urgent, as it was intended to publish before the end of June. Philippa Hind to obtain

permission from Eastergate PC for distribution of the newsletter to the whole village.


Village Emergency Team


Notice-board. DP had obtained perspex panels & would instal them within the next 2 weeks.


Update to council standing orders. Clerk reported that this was a much bigger task that he had

anticipated, but he would aim to complete it by September.


Yapton Road & other residents’ groups met in the parish hall on 17th May 2010, and set up a forum

Barnham parish councillors attended: GR, JG and SP. The forum would have the specific function

of collecting & sharing data about flooding and traffic in the Barnham village area. The data

would be freely available for use by the various residents’ groups in the village, and also by both

Parish Councils (Barnham & Eastergate).

9, New Parish Hall Development Team (NPHDT).

The team is currently focused on implementing the play area, picnic area and trim trail on Murrell’s

Field, which must be completed by the end of October. There was some dispute over the design of

some items, especially the trim trail, which will have to be resolved quickly.


The summer fayre was cancelled but a new event will be held, probably in September, to celebrate

the opening of the new amenities funded by the Public Open Spaces grant. Music Night had been

shifted to August. The revised programme of events would be published in the forthcoming all-

village newsletter. The clerk recommended that BLADE also published the new programme in

11. Correspondence.

There had been an exchange of e-mails with St Philip Howard School about a bio-diversity project

on Murrell’s Field. The school a#is interested and council was awaiting suggestions from the head

of science about how to proceed. The clerk had also received an e-mail from and a e-mail enquiry

from Barnham Primary School about involving its pupils in environmental matters. SB to contact

the primary school to discuss ideas e.g. village clean-up. Bethan Phillips also to liaise with the

school, as she was due to work there as a teaching assistant. In discussion with St Philip Howard

about bio-diversity, council will ask whether the primary school could play some part in the scheme.

12. Finance:


The list of June 2010 bills due was approved unanimously for payment .


Parish hall hiring revenue earned in May 2010 amounted to

regular users and


The clerk had renewed the insurance policy, the new annual cover beginning on 1st June 2010.

He had ascertained that although BLADE had taken out its own Public Liability insurance, it was

impracticable to consider reducing council’s PL cover; because as primary lessee, council must retain

its own insurance. The clerk had determined that the council’s policy did not specifically cover the

garage and its contents on Murrell’s Field. It was agreed in principle that in the event that should it be

significantly less expensive for the garage & contents to be insured as an add-on to council’s policy,

compared with a policy taken out by BLADE, then council would take responsibility for the insurance.

M/10/06 - page 3 of 3


Owing to the resignation of Mike Young and Terry Bedford from council, there were now only three

authorised signatories (JG, DP & JD) for the council’s bank account, which is very inconvenient.

Council decided that SB and SO also be appointed signatories

13. Matters to bring forward to next meeting:


14. Date of next parish council meeting.

The next meeting would be held onMonday 5th July 2010 at 7:30 p.m. in Barnham Parish Hall.

MEETING PART 2(confidential).

The following items discussed will not be minuted in detail: The clerk will provide councillors with a

confidential resumee of what was agreed in respect of these items:


Councillor training.

16. Clerk and hall manager expenses.

The meeting closed at 9.50 p.m.


David Phillips, Chairman


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