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Barnham Parish Council

Minutes May 2010

M/10/05 - page 1 of 3




th MAY2010 AT 8:10 P.M.


Steve Oates (acting chair) - SO Sue Braid - SB

John Garner (Treasurer) - JG Scott Pharo - SP

Eddie Tarbard, Parish Clerk

In Attendance

: Arun District Cllr Jean Goad WSCCllr Derek Whittington

BLADE chairman Terry Bedford Mr D Lloyd

Julie Robinson Bethan Phillips

Gerry Reeves

1. Apologies for absence


David Phillips - business commitment Janet Dalgleish - holiday

Arun District Cllr Dougal McConachie Eastergate P Cllr Philippa Hind

2. Declarations of Interest:


3 Election of officers


David Phillips was elected chairman for the coming year. There were no other candidates.

Proposed by SB, seconded JG, carried unanimously.


Janet Dalgleish was elected chairman for the coming year. There were no other candidates.

Proposed by SB,, seconded SP, carried unanimously.


John Garner was elected treasurer for the coming year. There were no other candidates.

Proposed by SB, seconded SO, carried unanimously.


Terry Bedford was elected chairman of the New Parish Hall Development Team sub-committee for the

coming year. There were no other candidates. Proposed by SB, seconded JG, carried unanimously.


. Co-option of new parish councillor.

In accordance with a unanimous decision taken at the meeting on 12

th April 2010, Gerry Reeves

accepted an invitation to join council as a co-opted member, with immediate effect. Gerry signed a

Declaration of Acceptance of Office, countersigned by the clerk, & took his seat at the council table.

5. Minutes of previous meetings:

Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 12

th March 2010 were approved by all & signed off by SO.

6. Matters arising from the minutes:

Derek Whittington asked that two inaccuracies in the April minutes be corrected in the minutes of

the current meeting: (a) although Derek is working on an extension of the cycle path to Walberton,

and is optimistic of success, no such decision had yet been taken by WSCC. (b) Although WSCC

was actively considering an appeal on refused planning application BN/27/09 (Angel’s Nursery), no

decision to appeal had yet been made.

7. VisitingCounty, District and Parish Councillor and police inputs:


Derek Whittington congratulated Terry Bedford and BLADE for the successful application for a

Community Open Spaces grant. Derek recommended that Council inform Graham Glenn at WSCC,

because that award significantly changed the position regarding land to provide allotments, in that

allotments on Murrell’s Field are no longer an option. Derek would help ito arrange another meeting

with Graham Glenn, with himself, Jean Goad, and members of Barnham and Eastergate Parish

Councils in attendance, to try to make some progress in obtaining a suitable allotment site. The

clerk confirmed that the official list of allotment applicants currently contained 49 names.

7.2 Jean Goad confirmed that that following information from the Environment Agency about the

inadequacy of Barnham’s sewerage system, ArunDCwas actively considering an embargo on all

new housebuilding in the village until Southern Water took appropriate corrective action. This wo

would prevent not only medium to large new housing schemes, but also "infill development" which

has been happening particularly in Eastergate parish. Clerk to write to Richard Hammond of the

EA, Arun DC Planning and Southern Water expressing strong PC support for an embargo - copy to

Eastergate PC suggesting that they also write supporting the idea.

M/10/05 - page 2 of 3


Jean Goad reported that following the visit of Arun DC Compliance Officer Daniel Vick to the "Lake

Lane triangle" site, the deadline to remove lorry bodies had been extended til 2ast May 2010, and

the deadline to remove liier extended to 20

th May.

8, Planning:

8.1 Planning applications to consider:

BN/07/10 Brook Cottage, Lake Lane- detached garage. Council had no objection.


Planning decisions received:

BN/06/10 LilliesCaravanPark- 36 houses Permission refused.

8.3 Planning Breaches & Enforcement:

Alleged vehicle recovery business at Laurells, Yapton Road- deferred until next meeting.



Council congratulated Terry Bedtord, Chris Allington and their BLADE colleagues for the

successful award of he £100,000 Community Open Spaces grant from the Big Lottery Fund to

develop leisure amenities on Murrell’s Field. The scheme had to be implemented by end of October.

10, New Parish Hall Development Team (NPHDT).

There were no current NPHDT items requiring PC permission or support.

11. Review of outstanding and ongoing items:


Co-operation with Eastergate PC. Eastergate PC had cancelled the joint meeting arranged for

Monday 19

th April at short notice. It was agreed to wait until after Eatergate’s annual meeting on


th May before agreeing a date and venue.


Spring repeat of Village Clean-up Campaign had been very successful, with a lot more volunteers

and 26 bags of rubbish collected.


Two people, Julie Robinson & Bethan Phillips, had expressed interest in takin up the remaining

parish council vacancy as a co-opted member. Both were present at the meeting, and took the

opportunity to introduce themselves, and the clerk provided each councillor with a printed

summary containing a brief CV of both applicants.. A secret ballot was then conducted, and

results checked by the clerk, who then announced that Bethan Phillips had been selected. It was

unanimously agreed to invite Bethan to join council at the next meeting (June 2010).


Next newsletter was due. SO to edit, using material e-mailed by councillors, BLADE & NPHDT


12. Correspondence.


Members were given leaflets provided by the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership about "operation

crackdown", whereby he public are encouraged to report istances of anti-social driving and vehicle

parking. The police will follow up on persistent "offenders".


Members were shown samples of work from Sussex Prints Limited, which offers Parish &Town

extremely competitive terms for the production of news bulletins & reports.


Members noted a VAT course for Parish Councils being run by the SLCC in June.


Clerk to respond to an Arun DC consultation on Arun’s future housing needs. Members were

asked also to respond individually through the Arun DC website.


Charity appeals:

Donations unanimously agreed were: Village Friends £100; Bognor Samaritans £50, Arun &

ChichesterCitizens’ Advice Bureau £50; 4Sight £50, JustDifferent £50, SussexPlaying Fields

Assoc. £15. Total donations approved £315. Other appeals considered but rejected were from

RAFA Armed Forces Day; Chanctonbury Community Playscheme; The Saturday Venture

Association; Sofas & Stuff; & SussexCrimestoppers.

M/10/05 - page 3 of 3

14. Finance


The list of May 2010 bills due for payment was approved unanimously for settlement.


The clerk had only received the annual insurance renewal paperwork three days before the

meeting, and was still investigating whether, with BLADE taking over responsibility for Murrell’s

Field, there was any possible reduction in premium. Council formally authorised the clerk to

spend up to the quoted premium amount for 2010/2011, i.e. £1,254.78, to renew coverage with

effect from the 1

st June 2010 renewal date.


Treasurer JG presented councillors with final figures for financial year 2009-2010. These would

now be passed to the internal auditor. It was unanimously agreed to appoint Rod Cooper again

as internal auditor.


Parish Hall revenue for April 2010 was £410.80, £45.80 of which was from casual hirings.

15. Date of next parish council meeting.

The next meeting is on Monday 7

th June 2010 at approximately 7:30 p.m.in Barnham Parish Hall.

The meeting closed at 9.55 p.m.


David Phillips, Chairman


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