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Barnham Parish Council

Minutes November 2010



of a meeting held on

Monday 1 November 2010

at Barnham Parish Hall commencing 7:30pm

Present: Cllrs D Phillips (Chair), Mrs J Dalgleish (Vice-Chair), J Garner, S Oates, G Reeves, Mrs S Braid & Miss B Phillips.

In Attendance: R Cooper (Locum Clerk), Cllr Mrs J Goad (Arun DC), Cllr D Whittington (West Sussex CC), Miss P Hind (Eastergate PC) & 3 members of the public.

1. Apologies for Absence

Apologies had been received from Mr J Donabie (Chair, Eastergate PC) who had hoped to attend the meeting.

2. Declarations of Interest

There were no declarations of interest

3. County & District Councillor Reports

ArunDCCllr Mrs Goad

Congratulations were expressed to the Parish Council and BLADE on completion of the impressive works in Murrells Field and for the quality of the flyer.

The Agenda for the next meeting of the LDF Sub-Committee on 4th November includes a report on A27 Junction Capacity Modelling including the A27/B2233 junction, A29/A27 roundabout and A29/A27 Fontwell Avenue roundabout. The report indicates that without some mitigation measures being taken all junctions are currently, or will be, operating overcapacity for the models tested.

West SussexCC Cllr Whittington

Thanks were expressed for the invitation to attend the official opening of the Murrells Field playground and fitness trail.

With regard to item Minute 8.7 of 4th October it was highlighted that the light gate/gantry at Emsworth was some 250 yards north of the railway bridge on the RowlandsCastleroad and for Barnham bridge would require installation near to the Olive Branch public house in Yapton.

4. Resignation of Councillor

Cllr S Pharo resigned on 19 October 2010and a vacancy now existed. The vacancy is to be advertised and, if no more than 10 electors request a formal election within 14 days of the advertisement being posted, it may be filled by co-option. It was agreed that a letter of thanks be sent to Mr Pharo.


. Minutes of Meeting held on 4th October 2010

It was agreed that the Minutes be approved as a true and correct record of the meeting and signed by the Chairman subject to the following amendments;

Minute 8.2 : delete it being a duplicate of Minute 5.2

Minute 8.3 : delete it being a duplicate of Minute 5.3

Minute 9 : references to RJS be amended to read RJCA (Architects)

Minute 10: Delete first sentence regarding cancellation of Autumn Fair (no such event had been planned).


. Matters Arising

6.1 Angels/Hyde End Nursery development proposals & community benefitsthe Chairman reported that although a response had been received from WSCCit had not been possible to arrange a meeting prior to commencement of the Planning Appeal on 2nd November.

6.2 Winter Maintenance PlanThe Chairman reported that arrangements were being co-ordinated with Liz Folman and the Emergency Team volunteers. In the event of snow Rob Sparrow would be assisting with distribution of sand/grit. WSCCCllr Whittington commented that WSCCwould probably be making available a maximum of 4-5 bulk bags per parish.

6.3 Co-operation with Eastergate PCthe Chairman reported that he intended to attend the next meeting of Eastergate PC.

6.4 Xmas Fair, Barnham Square,9th December 2010 the Chairman reported on progress of arrangements for the fair which included that local traders were organising activities for children, Co-Op to fund a tree, a treasure hunt, Outside Interests to provide a shed for a grotto, and Pre-School to manage grotto. No feedback had been received from the Primary School regarding a choir. Following discussion with ArunDCit had been determined that an Entertainments Licence was required at a cost of 21. The cost of 2m Public Liability insurance for the event was 76. It was hoped to rent stalls to traders.

7. Planning


Applications considered:-

The following applications were considered.

BN/25/10Tars Farm House : new stable block, tack room and hay store. No objection.

BN/28/10/T 1 Scholars Row : crown lift London Plane and thin canopy. No objection but comment was made that the tree may have been a George V commemorative planting and may therefore have significance.

BN/29/10 Barnham CourtLodge : install solar panels in garage roof. No objection.


Decisions published:-

The following decisions were noted.

BN/24/10 - 8 Halliford Drive : single storey conservatory and extension. Permitted


7.3 Appeals

BN/12/10Nanny Copse : Change of use of land to equestrian and grazing for animals and 2 No. storage containers for storage of riding equipment. It was agreed that a copy of original letter of objection be submitted to the Planning Inspectorate. During discussion of this item comment was made that Nanny Copse was an ancient woodland from which a 15m safety zone would be required should permission be granted. Although the land could be used for 28 days a year without formal planning permission the paraphernalia associated with equestrian use was not being removed. However, it was noted that all jumps had been removed by 31st October.

BN/27/09 Angels Nursery : Housing. The Chairman reminded those present that the Planning Inquiry commences on 2nd November. He had circulated a draft of his intended representation to the Inquiry and welcomed Councillors suggestions or comments on the content. Cllr Oates suggested alternative wording with relation to the sewerage issues. It was noted that the Appeal against refusal of The Lillies application had been withdrawn.

7.4 Seaward Properties/Green Issues Communicationsa letter had been received from Green Issues Communications on behalf of Seaward Properties requesting a meeting with the Parish Council to discuss potential for new residential development to the east of Goodacres. The letter also states that Seaward Properties are promoting land east of Barnham Lanefor development. It was considered that at the current time the Council could not support any further development.

7.5 Arun DC Local Development Framework : Consultation on Local Housing Target a letter had been received from Arun DC requesting help in identifying the level of development that is appropriate in the period up to 2028 and, in the spirit of the Governments new localism agenda, that Parish Councils take a lead role in the consultation process. ArunDCsuggest that Barnham forms a cluster with Aldingbourne, Eastergate & Walberton to facilitate a public meeting during January 2011 which would be chaired by an Arun District councillor. Emphasis is to identify how much housing and employment development local people wish to see in the area and for the meeting to act as a catalyst for future consideration by the Parish Council of wider development issues and how it might like the area to look in 2028. It was agreed that the principal of parish council involvement and the cluster suggestion be supported. However, it was considered that the timescale for determining a parish view and a cluster view prior a public meeting in January 2011 was too short.

8. Review of outstanding and ongoing items

8.1 Parish Hall Maintenance the cracks in the ceiling are being monitored and may require repair in due course. Tom The Gas to be asked to look at the toilets and basins which required maintenance. Cllr D Phillips would look into repair of the car of the car park pot-holes once weather conditions had improved.

9. New Parish Hall Development Team (NPHDT)

The next meeting of NPHDT was scheduled for 11 November but there had been no meeting since the last meeting of the Council. It was reported that works in Murrells Field were complete apart from some snagging. The official opening would take place as part of the Party In The Park on Saturday 6th November.

10. Barnham Leisure Amenity Development (BLADE)

Forthcoming events are Party In The Park & Fireworks on 6th November and Xmas Fayre in the Barnham Squareon 9th December. Cllrs Mrs Dalgleish reported that hand-made Xmas cards would be on sale.


. Finance


Bills for PaymentCllr Garner circulated a list of bills now due which was approved for payment. A copy of the list will be attached to the official copy of the Minutes.


Balances Cllr Garner reported that the VAT repayment claim covering the last 3 years had been settled in full by HMRC. A further claim covering the first half of 2010 would be submitted shortly.

11.3 Annual Return For Year Ended 31 March 2010The return had been completed as far as possible but further information was required with regard to the valuation of fixed assets. It was agreed that delegated authority be given to the Clerk in consultation with Cllr Garner and the Chairman to complete and sign the return for submission to the External Auditors.


. Correspondence

The list of correspondence circulated with the Agenda was noted.


. Date of next meeting

The date of the next meeting was announced as Monday 6th December 2010at Barnham Parish Hall commencing 7:30pm

The meeting was closed at 9:55pm

Signed: Date:



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