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Barnham Parish Council

Minutes 4th October2010




of a meeting held on

Monday 4 October 2010

at Barnham Parish Hall commencing 7:30pm

Present: Cllrs D Phillips (Chair), Mrs J Dalgleish (Vice-Chair), J Garner, S Oates, G Reeves, Mrs S Braid & Miss B Phillips.

In Attendance: R Cooper (Locum Clerk), Cllrs D Maconachie & Mrs J Goad (Arun DC), Cllr D Whittington (West Sussex CC), Mr J Donabie (Chair, Eastergate PC) & 4 members of the public.

1. Apologies for Absence

No apologies had been received.

2. Declarations of Interest

There were no declarations of interest

3. County & District Councillor Reports


Cllr Mrs Goad reported on planning issues and in particular the Agenda for the Local Development Framework Sub-Committee on 9th September which contained a report on drainage issues within the Lidsey Waste Water Treatment Works catchment area with amongst its recommendations that the Barnham Drainage Group be re-formed.


. Minutes of Meeting held on 6th September 2010

The minutes were approved as a true and correct record of the meeting and signed by the Chairman.


. Matters Arising

5.1 Angels/Hyde End Nursery development proposals & community benefits

the Chairman reported that no response had been received from WSCCin response to letters sent in July and on 6 September requesting a meeting jointly with Eastergate PC

5.2 Health & Safety : Quarterly Parish Hall Inspection

Cllr D Phillips circulated a report on the inspection undertaken during September 2010. The inspection did not reveal any significant risks.

5.3 Allotments

it was hoped to be able to discuss the provision of allotments when meeting with WSCCregarding the possible Angels/Hyde End development.

5.4 Anti-Social Behaviour

incidents of anti-social behaviour had declined in Barnham, especially since the closure of the Barnham Hotel, but there had been no decline in Eastergate. In aggregate the Six Villages area has in excess of 17,500 residents but there are many more police patrols in Arundel but far fewer residents and therefore a disproportionate allocation of police resources.

7. Planning


Applications considered:-


8 Halliford Drivesingle storey conservatory and rear extension. No objection.


Decisions published:-

BN/17/10- Eric Wall Ltd, Lake LanePermitted. The permission includes a condition restricting the unloading and loading of vehicles associated with the horticultural operation to between the hours of 7:30amand 6:30pmdaily.

BN/19/10Land to the rear of Laurell, Yapton Road Refused

7.3 Enforcements

Laurells, Yapton Road

It was not known if any further action had been taken by ArunDC. Clerk to make enquiries with Arun DC Legal Services.

8. Review of outstanding and ongoing items

8.1 Update on Clerk

it was reported that Eddie Tarbard continues to make a good recovery but may not be able to return to his duties until the new year.

8.2 Winter Maintenance Plan

Liz Folman is co-ordinating the plan which will cover both Barnham & Eastergate as one village plan. Development of the plan is continuing.

8.3 Co-operation with Eastergate PC

Cllr Mrs Braid had co-ordinated a village clean-up. Approximately 53 people had taken part and 25 bags of rubbish collected. Not as much rubbish collected as previously but this could be due to the thoroughness of the previous collection.

Whilst on the subject of rubbish WSCCCllr Whittington requested the Councils view on the issue of fly posting etc on the highway. It was considered that fly posting was not a significant issue for the parish and the Council did foresee a need to change current practice at present.

8.2 Health & Safety : Quarterly Parish Hall Inspection

Cllr D Phillips reported that the inspection would be undertaken within the next week and reported to the next meeting of the Council.

8.3 Allotments

It was hoped to link allotment provision to any development permission that may be granted for the Angels Nursery site. Any allotment site may a joint arrangement between Barnham & Eastergate.


Parish Hall Maintenance

cracks had appeared in the ceiling where it had been plaster boarded. The Pre-School group have been asked not to use the area near the door to the toilets until the ceiling had been repaired. The toilets and basins were in need of maintenance.


Traffic Calming & 20mph Speed Limit

It was considered that Yapton Roadshould be the Councils main concern but it does not meet the 20mph criteria.

Sandra Lawton had met with WSCCHighwayto discuss widening of the footway along Yapton Roadespecially along the frontages of the Barnham Nurseries Land Trust land and the field between Highfield Farmhouse and Mill House where there was overgrowing vegetation.

It was suggested that should the Angels/Hyde End Nursery development proceed that a mini roundabout at the site entrance may assist with traffic calming.

8.7 Signage for RailwayBridge

a letter from been received from Mr M Young with details of incidents of heavy goods vehicles either colliding with the bridge and having to turn in the road due to not observing the height restriction. It was suggested that better signage was required or that a gantry similar to that installed on the railway bridge at Emsworth would be appropriate. It was agreed that the Council should support the proposal.

9. New Parish Hall Development Team (NPHDT)

Cllr Mrs Dalgleish suggested that consideration be given to Welcome to Barnham signs.

Publication of the Newsletter had been reduce to 2 per annum due to cost but it was suggested that perhaps arrangements could be made with Eastergate PC to share 2 newsletters per annum covering the village so that there would still be 4 for the parish. Cllr Garner reported that the provision in the budget for Newsletters, including delivery, was 480.

The Trim Trail stations were now in place in Murrells Field and huge advances had been made with construction of the play area after pressure was applied to the contractor. Cllr D Phillips reported that he had picked-up pallets, plastic sheeting and bubble wrap which had been left in the filed by the contractors and had written to RJS. Cllr Oates expressed concerns with regards to the quality of the works and questioned whether RJS had done their job properly in managing the works.

The official opening of the Trim Trail and Play Area is being arranged for 6 November 2010all councillors are encouraged to attend.

10. Barnham Leisure Amenity Development (BLADE)

It was reported that the Autumn Fair had been cancelled. It was suggested that a cross-country run could be organised on similar lines to the annual Chichester Rotary event. Cllr Mrs Dalgleish stated that a local runner is keen to be involved and had suggested 5k and 10k events.

Mr Donabie offered to provide quotations for photographs.

11. Training

It was noted that Cllr Reeves would be attending the SALC Health & Safety, Risk Assessment and Appraisals event on 17 November 2010.

12. Finance


Bills for PaymentCllr Garner circulated a list of bills now due which was approved for payment. A copy of the list will be attached to the official copy of the Minutes.



Cllr Garner reported that the 1st instalmenton the contract for installation of the play area would soon be due but there would be very little left in balances until the lottery grant had been received.

12.3 Parish Hall Hirings

No information was available. Cllr Garner reported that there was a possibility of a bad debt of 50 for hall hiring.


Village Tidy-Up Fund

it was reported that a balance of 35 remained in the fund. It was agreed that the balance be treated as a contribution towards hire charges for use of the parish hall.

13. Christmas Fair

Cllr Phillips reported that there appeared to be sufficient interest amongst local traders and would discuss the matter at his meeting with Eastergate PC.

14. Correspondence

The list of correspondence circulated with the Agenda was noted.


. Date of next meeting

The date of the next meeting was announced as Monday 1st November 2010at Barnham Parish Hall commencing 7:30pm

The meeting was closed at 09:40pm

Signed: Date:


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