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Barnham Parish Council



Barnham Parish Council's views on

Medium and Large Scale Development


Under the present Government, the requirement on Arun District Council (ADC) to provide 11,300 new homes in the district between 2006 and 2026 has been withdrawn. Instead local planning authorities will determine the number of new houses required 2011 – 2028 and shown in their Local Plans. ADC as our planning authority has allocated 100 houses to be built in our parish by 2028. (Some additional houses could be added as part of ADC strategic allocation – 143 houses could be allocated to Aldingbourne, Eastergate and Barnham parishes or they could go elsewhere in ADC.) Once the Local Development Scheme has been accepted and approved it will give protection against further development. The timetable by ADC shows that after the various processes this will be in December 2013. In the meantime developers argue ADC can not demonstrate a creditable 5 year houses land supply so they are promoting various sites where houses could be built. Arun District Council, along with about 40% of other local planning authorities that do not have a Local Plan in place, are at greatest risk from unplanned development.

Planning applications for medium and large-scale housing development in Barnham parish


Barnham Parish

Barnham is a small semi-rural parish of 580 households, covering about one-third of Barnham village, the rest of the village being in Eastergate parish.  Barnham is not predominantly a commuter parish, & has no wish to become one - but there are very few job vacancies for incomers.

Barnham Parish Council estimates that between 50 and 60 new homes will be needed by local people over the next 17 years of Arun DC's forthcoming Local Plan, although it has accepted ADC proposed planning number of 100 new homes in the developing Local Plan with the proviso that infrastructural improvements will be forthcoming.  The WSCC scheme for the Angel's Nursery site  provide 95% of the impending Local Plan number of 100 new homes.

Lidsey Catchment Area drainage problems

Barnham Parish Council, along with Eastergate, Walberton and Aldingbourne parishes, is working with the Environment Agency Arun DC, WSCC and Southern Water on the Barnham Drainage Group to look at the problems of sewage and surface water drainage in the Lidsey catchment area (basically from the A27 down to Lidsey taking in all of the “Six Villages”.).  Barnham residents are very familiar with the regular flooding, sewage high tide and standing sewage pools in the roads and play areas, despite lorries pumping out sewage for days on end.   Southern Water have actually stated that the drainage and sewage systems in Barnham are adequate for the current load – but only in mid-summer!.  Despite this lamentable situation,  there is still no embargo on adding hundreds more houses to the system,  in part because developers have devised a plan to get around the problem for just long enough for them to make their money and get out .  All the recent and impending planning applications for multiple new housing have proposed “stand-alone” mini sewage plants to serve only their little estates – a solution that was devised for isolated small rural locations. These may work adequately for a few years after completion, but there is a huge doubt about whether the residents of the new estates will be able to maintain, and eventually replace, these expensive high-tech solutions. If in a few years the systems break down or become too expensive to maintain, the homes will have to be linked into the main sewage system, adding to the overload – but the developer will have made nocontribution to upgrading the public system.

Possible development in Barnham Parish

Barnham Parish Council is aware of at least seven current or impending planning applications, each seeking to develop between 30 and 200 new homes on agricultural land in Barnham parish alone.  Should any of these applications succeed, it will probably become increasingly difficult for the planning authority, Arun DC, to resist further such applications.  Within 2-3 years Barnham parish could more than double the number of dwellings, and become a faceless suburban commuter sprawl, with its pleasant semi-rural character utterly destroyed.

The likely development proposal sites in Barnham parish are as numbered below.  In addition, there may be at least three more such sites in & around the Eastergate parish part of Barnham village.Medium and large developmentsAngel’s Nursery (95 houses)  approved after appeal.


Goodacres (75 houses) – gone straight to appeal for non-determination by Arun DC.

Extension to Garden Crescent behind Yapton Road (44 houses) application. BN/7/12 

Eric Wall's - 100 houses - preparatory public consultation has started prior to application.

Farmland in different ownership adjoining Seaward's Goodacres site – 30 houses.

Two sites – a caravan park and a nursery – adjacent to the WSCC Angel's nursery site – approximately 30 – 40 houses each.

Triangular patch of pasture and woodland between Barnham Lane and Lake Lane, in the rural gap between Barnham & Walberton villages – already subject to several unsuccessful planning applications for housing, industrial and golf-driving range proposals – subject of a recent “scoping enquiry” in preparation for a new planning application.  Possibly 100-200 houses plus industrial premises.



With the present wholly inadequate drainage infrastructure in and around Barnham village, it is untenable and spectacularly unsustainable to allow up to ten separate development schemes, each with its own high-tech stand-alone drainage and sewage solution, in such a small semi-rural area that has no need for such homes anyway.  In addition, construction of so many new homes would surely exacerbate existing drainage problems in the Lidsey catchment area.  Moreover, it would do little to encourage the responsible body, Southern Water, to invest in the substantially enhanced drainage infrastructure that Barnham village and the surrounding area so desperately needs.

Barnham Parish Council's policy is to oppose any further medium or large scale development.

Barnham Planning Applications in the last 21 days


 This list shows applications registered in the last 21 days. For more applications go to www.arun.gov.uk/planning


Contact Barnham Parish Council

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