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Barnham Parish Council

Minutes6th September 2010



of a meeting held on

Monday 6 September 2010

at Barnham Parish Hall commencing 7:30pm

Present: Cllrs D Phillips (Chair), Mrs J Dalgleish (Vice-Chair), J Garner, S Oates, G Reeves, & Miss B Phillips.

In Attendance: R Cooper (Locum Clerk), Cllr D Maconachie (ArunDC), Cllr D Whittington (West Sussex CC) & 3 members of the public.

1. Apologies for Absence

Apologies had been received from Cllrs Mrs S Braid and Mrs J Goad (ArunDC).

2. Declarations of Interest

There were no declarations of interest

3. Parish Clerk Update

Cllr D Phillips reported that the Eddie Tabard had returned home from hospital but would still require a period of recovery for re-commencing clerk

4. County & District Councillor Reports


Cllr D Maconachie reported that he had been appointed Chairman of the Central Services Working Party and had recently taken a tour of the Arun Civic Centre. As part of the savings exercise and Accommodation Review the direct works unit based at East Preston Depot is to be disbanded and a new smaller multi-skilled team will operate from Hotham Park Carriage Yard. Housing staff currently based at East Preston Depot and in Church Streetoffices are to be relocated into the Civic Centre where the reception area will be remodelled. East Preston Depot and Church Streetsites are expected to achieve capital receipts of around

The budget is on track to 2014 and it is expected that the Arun DC Council Tax increase will be no more than 3% in each of next 3 years.

West SussexCC

Cllr Whittington reported that WSCChave appealed against refusal of the application for development of the Angels Nursery site. With regard to Minute 6.4.2 of the 5th July 2010parish council meeting Cllr Whittington noted that he was to be copied on a letter to WSCCbut had yet to receive a copy.

Cllr Whittington reported on gas pipe works being undertaken in Barnham Roadbetween the Elm Grove and Gospond Roadjunctions. Works around the Elm Grove junction are to be completed before the end of the school summer holidays but had been delayed due to withdrawal from site by a sub-contractor. Works would continue eastwards towards Gospond Roadwith completion expected in October 2010.

5. Minutes of Meeting held on 5th July 2010

The minutes were approved as a true and correct record of the meeting and signed by the Chairman.

6. Matters Arising

With regard to the Angels & Hyde End Nursery development proposal the following was noted:-

(i) Minute 6.4.1, Drainage

(ii) Minute 6.4.2, Benefits to the Community

7. Planning


Applications considered:-

BN/14/10 - Watersmead, Yapton Road: side/rear extension. No objection.


- Little Barton, Church Lane: conservatory. No objection.

BN/17/10 - Eric Wall Nurseries, Lake Lane: glasshouse.

The Clerk reported that the Environment Agency had objected to the application on the grounds that the flood risk assessment did not meet requirements of Planning Policy Statement 25.

Councillors expressed concern with regard to future use of the site of disused greenhouses, the condition of Lake Lane, the impact on & condition of the sewers in Lake Lane, and flooding impact if drainage and surface water containment issues were not properly addressed.

It was agreed that an OBJECTION be submitted in support of the stance taken by the Environment Agency.

BN/19/10 - Laurells, Yapton Road: 4 bed house in rear garden.

In discussion of this application comment was made of (i) support for demolition of the existing workshop but with a preference that the site be left as garden/open space rather than redevelopment, (ii) height of the proposed dwelling being greater than that of the existing workshop, (iii) over development of the site and

It was agreed that an OBJECTION be submitted on grounds that (1) the development site is outside the built-up area boundary and a departure from the Development Plan, (2) no new development be permitted pending resolution of the local sewerage issues (in accordance with the parish council, (3) that any access driveway must be contained within the Laurell

BN/20/10 - Barnham Court, Barnham Lane: tree works. No objection.


Decisions published:-

BN/12/10 - Nanny Copse, Barnham LaneRefused

7.3 Enforcements

Laurells, Yapton Road

8. Review of outstanding and ongoing items

8.1 Co-operation with Eastergate PC

Cllr D Phillips has attended a meeting the previous week. The autumn village clean-up was being co-ordinated by Philippa Hinds. More input was required by Eastergate into the joint Emergency Team. A wreath had been requested via Eastergate for laying as part of the Remembrance Day service.

8.2 Health & Safety : Quarterly Parish Hall Inspection

8.3 Allotments

8.4 Traffic calming & proposed 20mph speed limit

8.5 Parish Hall Maintenance

8.6 Anti-Social Behaviour

8.7 Newsletter

8.8 Notice Board

8.9 Standing Orders

8.10 Village Emergency Team

9. New Parish Hall Development Team (NPHDT)

It was reported that works to construct and install the trim trail and play equipment had been commenced. Cllr Garner expressed concerns regarding the spending plans in that cash flow projections indicated that balances would be exhausted which was contrary to the Council

10. Barnham Leisure Amenity Development (BLADE)

Cllr Mrs Dalgleish reported that the Trim Trail was nearly complete and installation of the play equipment had commenced.

The Music Night had suffered from poor weather which was thought to be the main reason for an audience of approx 200 when 400 to 500 had been anticipated. The event had resulted in a loss of around

The Dog Show had gone well and received good feedback. A profit of approx

Forthcoming events include a Barn Dance & Hog Roast, Firework Night and a Quiz (4 December).

11. Correspondence

(i) Arun DC, LDF Sub-Committee : Lidsey Treatment Works Catchment Area -

A report was to considered by the Sub-Committee on 7th September which highlights differences of opinion between the Environment Agency and Southern Water with regard to the cause and prevention of flooding and discharge from the sewer sewerage system. Of particular note was (i) the disclosure that Southern Water capacity modelling had been based on summer flows, (ii) the recommendation that the Barnham Drainage Group be re-formed, and (iii) the recommendation that there should be a presumption against further development that would increase upon the drainage infrastructure within the catchment area.

12. Finance


Bills for Payment

12.2 Parish Hall Hiring

12.3 Bank Account Signatories

thJuly 2010.

12.4 Any other financial matters

13. Matters to bring forward to next meeting

As reported elsewhere within these minutes.

14. Date of next meeting

The date of the next meeting was announced as Monday 4th October 2010at Barnham Parish Hall commencing 7:30pm

The meeting was closed at 10:10pm

Signed: Date:


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