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Barnham Parish Council

Village Emergency Team


Barnham Village Emergency Team

The Emergency Team is up and running, that is it comprises a list of people, skills and equipment which hopefully will never be called into action, but floods, hurricanes and other disasters will happen, so a bit of self-help will be invaluable when the roads are closed, the fire brigade is fully deployed elsewhere and the water is getting closer to the door by the minute..........

We are still looking for people with a range of skills, from professional construction workers and tree surgeons, through to people with caring and medical skills, through to ordinary householders able to distribute sandbags, wield a mop and bucket, or make tea and provide comfort.

The Team has acquired 500 sandbags to hold in reserve (did you know that the local authorities are not obliged to provide these even in times of flooding? It is up to the householder to provide these for their own use and security.). These were partly funded by a grant from the residual funds of the Barnham Residents Association, and partly by BLADE, and will be held in a couple of locations in the village in readiness. Other resources are being obtained as funds become available.

If you would like to add your name to the list of villagers prepared to help in an emergency, or would like more information or indeed have useful suggestions or contributions to make (we are still looking for a small dinghy or boat) then please contact:

Rob Sparrow
077 986 33380
David Phillips
01243 552308
0777 570 8595

Alison Crabb



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